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Street Art 2016




Thema: "Social Europe - Challenge migration. Street Art 2016"

Jugendliche aus den Ländern Slowenien, Ungarn, Deutschland und Österreich werden gemeinsam mit nationalen und internationalen Künstlern im Bereich Street-Art in Form von Workshops arbeiten und das Thema "Challenge migration" kreativ-künstlerisch umsetzen und ihre Arbeiten einer großen Öffentlichkeit in Form einer finalen Ausstellung, Performances, großformatigen öffentlichen Wandbildern, Aktionismus und einer Wander-Ausstellung präsentieren.


Bei der Jugendbegegnung geht es darum Bewusstsein und Wissen zum Thema "Social Europe - Challenge migration" zu schaffen und den Jugendlichen die Möglichkeit zu geben große SICHTBARE ZEICHEN in Form von Street Art in der ÖFFENTLICHKEIT zu setzen und so in Diskussion, Dialog und Interaktion mit der Bevölkerung zu treten.


  • Förderung des interkulturellen Dialogs und aktive Bürgerbeteiligung mittels "Kreativität und Kultur"
  • dynamische Plattform und Drehscheibe für Jugendkultur in Südosteuropa
  • Förderung der Vernetzung und Kooperationen der Organisationen im Jugendbereich


60 Teilnehmer aus den Ländern Slowenien, Ungarn, Deutschland und Österreich im Alter von 15-30 Jahren. Die Teilnehmer gliedern sich in Schüler, Studenten, Lehrlinge, sozial benachteiligte Jugendliche, sowie Jugendliche mit Behinderung und Migrationshintergrund.

Subject: "Social Europe - Challenge migration. Street Art 2016"

The project will show future prospects and challenges as seen by the younger generation on the subject "Social Europe - Challenge migration" because of a changed living environment.

Young people from Slovenia, Hungary, Germany and Austria will work together with international artists in the field of sociopolitical and youth-relevant topics and convert artistically. Works will be shown to a large public.


The youth culture project deals with a current and acute theme in our society in particular "Social Europe - Challenge migration". Young people will discuss and work out solutions for an economy based on human dignity, for a peaceful and equitable coexistence in a common peaceful Europe.

Project objectives

  • promoting intercultural dialogue and active citizenship by means of creativity and culture
  • dynamic platform of youth culture
  • encouraging networking, mobility and cooperations of organizations in the field of youth


60 participants from Slovenia, Hungary, Germany and Austria aged between 15 and 30 will attend this Youth Exchange.

The young people will be devided into pupils, students, apprentices, socially deprived teenagers as well as young people from a migration background and Youths with disabilities.


rado poggiRado Poggi - Slowenien I Ökonom und Politologe
Rado Carlo Poggi, geboren 1974 in Regensburg, Deutschland. Nach seinem Studium der Wirtschaftswissenschaften und Politikwissenschaften an der Universität Regensburg engagiert sich der diplomierte Betriebswirt und Politologe als Ausstellungsmacher, Kunstproduzent. Seit 2000 initiierte er kulturpolitische Projekte und arbeitete bei Publikationen und Ausstellungen mit. Schwerpunkt: politisch und sozial engagierte Kunst. Neben dem internationalen Ausstellungsprojekt necessary discourse on hysteria, 2008 in Slovenj Gradec in Slowenien, hat dies zur Eröffnung des Flatz-Museums in Dornbirn geführt.

s palocziZsuzsanna Pálóczi - Ungarn I Historikerin
Zsuzsanna Pálóczi, geboren 1960 in Egyhazasradoc, Ungarn. Studien der Geschichte & Kunstgeschichte. Zsuzsanna Pálóczi arbeitete als Historikerin und Lehrbeauftragte in Budapest, später als Kulturmanagerin in der Kunstgalerie in Szombathely und ist seit 1994 als Vizedirektorin im Kulturzentrum Körmend tätig. Internationale Ausstellungsorganisation: World Dance Day, Festival of Speed, Raba Coast Music Festival, ReArte Gallery.

urska cerceUrska Cerce - Slowenien I Journalistin
Urška Čerče, ausgebildete Pianistin, arbeitet seit mehr als 15 Jahren als Autorin und Produzentin verschiedener Radio und TV-Formaten sowie als freie Journalistin. Vor allem im journalistischen Bereich hat sie sich in den letzten Jahren zu einer der engagiertesten kulturpolitischen Berichterstatterinnen Sloweniens entwickelt.


Artistic cast

Daan Botlek – Rotterdam, Holland | Street Art

Daan BotlekIn his drawings and murals Daan Botlek uses surrealism, puzzles, mathematics, alienation and humor to question reality. Botlek creates clear and minimalist images of surreal situations that are still easy to detect. The character of the man dominates his work. Recently, man-made structures and abstract forms have become the focus of his work. He is an internationally renowned star artists of the street art scene with works worldwide.



sizetwo 2016"SizeTwo is a Graffiti artist from Graz, Austria, who painted since 2009. He practically learned everything by himself, using all the sources he could find to improve his skills. Over the years he got quite a name in his small town, and after a college for graphics and communication design, he decided to move to Berlin to broaden his horizon.
With his authentic style and professional behaviour, and of course a bit of luck, SizeTwo started to work for Berlin's biggest commercial Graffiti agency. He painted murals for amazon, adidas, netflix and universal music, and in his free time even more walls. His style has evolved from pure styles to funky and colorful characters with a lot of expression. While the characters look almost realistic, they're outlined with a thick black comic lines, creating an unique and recognizable style."


Mosta - Venezuela | Street Art, Grafik

MostaLym Moreno aka Mosta was born in 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela. She studied art and graphics at the Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes in Caracas, Venezuela, and graphic design at the Escuela de Artes Visuales Cristóbal Rojas in Caracas, Venezuela. Lym Moreno lives in Vienna since 2010. Her work is primarily concerned with the medium of paper and a variety of techniques such as collage, scenery and Cut-Out. She also uses printing techniques such as screen printing, wood-and linocuts. Besides working in the studio she also works in public space under her pseudonym Mosta. Since 2005 she attends international exhibitions and works as an illustrator. In 2011 she published her first picture book for children "Sueño sin Soñador" at a Venezuelan publishing.


Baume – Österreich|

baumeStarted with graffiti in the mid 90ies after he developed a deep interest for drawing during high school. Attended college for design and communication in linz and after finishing masterclass and short agency experiences decided to work on his own. Since then self employed graphic designer and illustrator and since 2010 frequently working togehter with his colleague Manfred Veigl focusing on developing visual concepts.

Besides his work for various clients he’s still active painting in public space.


Omar Ruc - Österreich

omar rucOmar Ruc started his career as a graffiti writer in 2007 in Graz. Inspired by a videogame about graffiti, he decided to leave the computer behind and continue with painting walls.

With a focus on letters and styles he soon improved and moved on to paint in other countries like Croatia, Germany, Slovenia and Portugal. After graduating at the “Ortwein school for fine arts and design” in Graz, he is now doing commissioned work for companies and private clients in all over Austria.



somedesigners1Some Designers, Verein für Interaktive Medienkunst - is an organisation, whose focus is on artistic projects in the field of modern art and multimedia interactive exhibitions. The Verein was founded in the Spring of 2015 by five different artists, who study, live, and work in Graz.

Currently, Some Designers consist of: Anahi Meyer (Austria/Lebanon) media designer, Jonathan Carter (USA/Germany) composer/programmer, Nicola Lecca (Italy) interactive designer, Takuto Fukuda (Japan) composer/programmer, Nick Acorne (Ukraine) composer/sound designer and Sebastian Wöhrer (Austria) interaction designer.

The main goal of Some Designers is to bring art and design into public spaces through the collaboration of artists with multicultural backgrounds. With this mixture of different fields of art, such as media, interaction and sound, our organisation is creating a fresh perspective for the artistic development of Styria. As Graz has been since 2011 the UNESCO city of Design, we, as an organisation of Some Designers, feel the need to maintain the highest standards of achievement of art and design throughout our beloved city. Our community is open for new creative participants, ready to help us explore, create, and design.

meyerAnahi Meyer (Lebanon / Austria)

Lebanese-Austrian media designer. After finishing high school in the French Lycée of Beirut, she came to Graz to study Information Design in the FH Joanneum. She is now finishing her Master’s in Media Design and starting to learn a 7th language. Anahi mostly works with video but is lately setting her focus in multimedia art in space and interactive installations with the Association “Some Designers” she created with four international colleagues also living in Graz.

carterJonathan Carter (USA / Germany)

A composer of electronic & acoustic music. His works emphasize a connection between the two genres, ever in pursuit of a style that seamlessly combines them. With performances at venues including the Brevard Music Center Summer Festival, Ars Electronica Linz, and ZKM Next Generation 5 Karlsruhe, Jonathan’s music reaches an increasingly broadened spectrum of audience. In addition to his solo activities, he is a founding member of Elektrichka – an electronic media ensemble.

leccaNicola Lecca (Italy)

Born and raised in Sardinia. Interaction Designer who graduated from the University of Architecture in the department of Design/Industrial Design in Sassari, Italy. In 2011 he was a “Designer Analyst” at Aaron Marcus & Associates, Berkeley California, where he worked on an APP concept for long distance learning and massive online open courses. In 2014 he was the “Head of Testing” in a startup company focusing on Learning Management Systems in Berlin. Since 2014 he is Master student at FH-Joanneum Graz.

platzhalterSebastian Wöhrer (Austria)

An interaction design student based in Graz. His focus on human computer interaction is lately shifting from screens and user interfaces to interactive installations and interactive media. With the collective „_bert“ he has worked on media installations for smaller festivals and music-videos.


fukudaTakuto Fukuda (Japan)

A composer and sound artist based in Graz, Austria. He has been focusing on the enhancement of liveness by using computational technologies. His pieces have been awarded at several competitions such as CCMC 2010, Musica Nova 2011 and WOCMAT 2013, and selected for performance at numerous international festivals in Europe, Asia, South and North America.

acorneNick Acorne (Ukraine)

Composer and Sound Designer. He has studied traditional Composition at the University of Art in Kharkiv, Ukraine. After that he has completed a Masters in Composition and Computer Music at the University of Music and Performing Arts Graz, Austria. Now Nick studies at FH Joanneum as a Sound Designer. He has taken part in a lot of different festivals, among them Ars Electronica (Linz), Make Munich (Munich), Lendwirbel (Graz), Next Generation 5 (ZKM, Karlsruhe), etc. He also participated in different sound and interactive workshops, held by such prominent artists, as Natasha Barrett, Nicolas Collins, Miller Packet, Andrey Smirnov as also held his own workshops in the field of interaction art and electronic music.