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Street Art 2015


Thema: "Fair Distribution of Resources"

Jugendliche aus den Ländern Slowenien, Ungarn und Österreich werden gemeinsam mit nationalen und internationalen Künstlern im Bereich Street-Art in Form von Workshops arbeiten und das Thema "Fair Distribution of Resources" kreativ-künstlerisch umsetzen und ihre Arbeiten einer großen Öffentlichkeit in Form von einer finalen Ausstellung, Performances, großformatigen öffentlichen Wandbildern, einer aktionistischen Installation "Geld-Druckmaschine" und einer Wander-Ausstellung präsentieren.


Bei der Jugendbegegnung "Street Art" geht es darum ein Bewusstsein zum Thema "RESSOURCENVERTEILUNG" zu schaffen und den Jugendlichen die Möglichkeit zu geben große SICHTBARE ZEICHEN in Form von Street Art in der ÖFFENTLICHKEIT zu setzen und so in Diskussion, Dialog und Interaktion mit der Bevölkerung zu treten.


  • Förderung des interkulturellen Dialogs und aktive Bürgerbeteiligung mittels "Kreativität und Kultur"
  • dynamische Plattform und Drehscheibe für Jugendkultur in Südosteuropa
  • Förderung der Vernetzung und Kooperationen der Organisationen im Jugendbereich


54 Teilnehmer aus den Ländern Slowenien, Ungarn und Österreich im Alter von 15-30 Jahren. Die Teilnehmer gliedern sich in Schüler, Studenten, Lehrlinge, sozial benachteiligte Jugendliche, sowie Jugendliche mit Behinderung und Migrationshintergrund.

Subject: "Fair Distribution of Resources"

Opportunities and prospects for the young generation in a globalised world. Young people from Slovenia, Hungary and Austria will work together with international artists in the field of sociopolitical and youth-relevant topics and convert artistically. Works will be shown to a large public.


The youth culture project "Street Art 2015" deals with a current and acute theme in our society in particular "the fair distribution of resources in our globalised world". Young people will discuss and work out solutions for an economy based on human dignity, for a peaceful and equitable coexistence in a common peaceful Europe.

Project objectives

  • promoting intercultural dialogue and active citizenship by means of creativity and culture
  • dynamic platform of youth culture
  • encouraging networking, mobility and cooperations of organizations in the field of youth


54 participants from Slovenia, Hungary and Austria aged between 15 and 30 will attend this Youth Exchange. The young people will be devided into pupils, students, apprentices, socially deprived teenagers as well as young people from a migration background and Youths with disabilities.

Artistic cast

Daan Botlek – Rotterdam, Holland | Street Art

Daan BotlekIn his drawings and murals Daan Botlek uses surrealism, puzzles, mathematics, alienation and humor to question reality. Botlek creates clear and minimalist images of surreal situations that are still easy to detect. The character of the man dominates his work. Recently, man-made structures and abstract forms have become the focus of his work. He is an internationally renowned star artists of the street art scene with works worldwide.


Slaven Kosanovic aka LUNAR - Croatia | Graffiti- & Street Art

Slaven Lunar KosanovicSlaven Lunar Kosanovic is a Zagreb-based artist who emerged from the early Croatian graffiti scene painting, exhibiting and publishing his works worldwide.He has visited numerous cities across the globe including Amsterdam, Athens, Auckland, Berlin, Hanoi, Havana, Lisbon, London, Melbourne, New York, Oslo, Paris, Saigon, Seoul, Sydney and Tokyo. He cites Playboy, Outdoor advertising magazine, Forbes magazine, Nissan and Hope Box among his clients.


Mosta - Venezuela | Street Art, Grafik

MostaLym Moreno aka Mosta was born in 1982 in Caracas, Venezuela. She studied art and graphics at the Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes in Caracas, Venezuela, and graphic design at the Escuela de Artes Visuales Cristóbal Rojas in Caracas, Venezuela. Lym Moreno lives in Vienna since 2010. Her work is primarily concerned with the medium of paper and a variety of techniques such as collage, scenery and Cut-Out. She also uses printing techniques such as screen printing, wood-and linocuts. Besides working in the studio she also works in public space under her pseudonym Mosta. Since 2005 she attends international exhibitions and works as an illustrator. In 2011 she published her first picture book for children "Sueño sin Soñador" at a Venezuelan publishing.


Argiris Saraslanidis SER - Greece | Street Art, Graffiti

Argiris Saraslanidis SERBorn in Thessaloniki and studied Graphic Design and illustration. Argiris SER is one of the pioneers of the Urban - Street Art Scene of Greece, largely responsible for its formation and an influencer of younger local artists and peers alike.  
His work - a curiously eclectic blend of old school graffiti, comic culture and pop surrealism - has a dark undertone yet is highly satirical, employing an arsenal of monstrous but somewhat benign characters, to highlight and comment on the absurdity of human nature. SER's work is all over Greece, in the form of large-scale murals, paintings placed in important collections, and commercial work, created in association with major local and international brands. He has an active presence in Europe, never missing the opportunity to fly around to create a quick wall.


Artists in progress